The Truth About Cow Farts and Climate Change: Why Grassfed Cows are Different

Cows have long been blamed for their contribution to climate change, with many attributing this to their flatulence (AKA farts.) However, the reality is that cow farts are just one aspect of a much larger issue: methane emissions. In fact, according to the EPA, methane accounts for approximately 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. So where do cows fit into this equation?

What Do mRNA Vaccines Mean for Our Meat and Dairy Supply?

As the use of mRNA vaccines in livestock, unfortunately, becomes closer and closer to reality, many consumers and experts have expressed concerns about their safety. The potential negative impacts range from an unforeseen reaction to food products produced with mRNA vaccines - to disruption of ecosystems and biodiversity caused by its widespread usage. The debate surrounding the implications of using mRNA vaccines is ongoing, but it's clear that this technology raises important questions about resources, ethics, health, and sustainability. But how do we make sure these issues are addressed?

Q: What do you get when you combine Radical Honesty and FOOD? A: A Recipe for Change!

This year, we're taking our honesty to a whole new level - Radical Honesty...because it's time to stir up some much-needed change!    From now on, we will cultivate meaningful connections, foster trust, and have honest conversations - no matter how difficult.   We are done with the cutesy posts of mushrooms, logs, and grass swaying in the wind.   It's time to be open and honest; we're not here to put on a show, we'd rather speak our truth.   Like it or not, there is an important message that needs to be heard - and we're ready to put it all out there.   Let’s start by getting real with ourselves: Food insecurity is real and we need to break the taboo of talking about FOOD.

Presence over presents - Enjoy the moment, make memories, and build traditions this holiday.

Christmas is a time to celebrate family, unity, and joy. One of the best ways to show that is by coming together for family meals around the holidays. Not only do family meals provide an opportunity for us to share delicious and nutritious food, but they also offer a chance to create memories and meaningful traditions that will last for generations. Cooking with family can be an incredibly rewarding experience!

The Best Gifts In Life Are Not Things

If you are anything like me, then you want to get back to the true meaning of Christmas, and ditch all the crazy consumerism surrounding the holidays. I like my holiday season the way I like my lifestyle…consumerism free, down to earth, and authentically connective. That is why I choose to ditch holiday consumerism and gift experience instead!

Cornish Cross vs. Freedom Ranger: Which is the better bird?

There is much debate in the farming and foodie community as to which breed of chicken produces the best meat. Some prefer hens that grow big and fast (like the Cornish Cross), while others prefer hens that are a more natural size, and have a nuanced and robust flavor (like our Freedom Rangers.) The chicken most commonly found in food stores, and even from other farms, is usually from a breed of chicken that has been bred to grow rapidly and produce large breast meat. Regenerative farmers like us are faced with a dilemma…How can we compete with the chicken sold in stores that are bigger and more affordable?

Yes, meat is allowed on an Ayurvedic diet!

There is a common misconception that an Ayurvedic diet is a vegetarian diet. But that is not true! When it comes down to it, Ayurvedic principles are all about bringing balance to the body, mind, and soul. In fact, here is an anecdotal tale…

The benefits of buying in bulk!

Buying meat in bulk is a great way to make your dollar go further! Not only does it save you money, but it also saves you time and energy to not have to run out to the store as often. It brings peace of mind knowing that you always have food on hand in the freezer when you need it.

Choosing natural cooking surfaces for your all natural meat.

Let’s face it, we live in a world full of toxins. It is important that we make the right choices on the things we CAN control to offset the toxic load on our bodies from the exposure we CANNOT control. One big first step that we can take to keep one particular toxic forever chemical out of our bodies and our ecosystem is to stop the use of non-stick cookware.

Are sausages a healthy food choice?

You cannot buy just any old sausage! Most conventional sausages you might find on store shelves include fillers, preservatives like nitrates, artificial flavors or coloring, and a ton of sodium. And, you generally have no idea where the meat in store bought sausage actually comes from. You don’t know the farming practices, what the animals were fed, or even how they lived. No matter where you are shopping for sausages, check the ingredients. Here are some things to look for...

Mystery solved! Find out: What’s in a hot dog anyway?

Hot dogs are a classic all American food, but they have their lovers and their haters! Even the biggest hotdog fans have wondered, what are they made of anyway? We have also all heard the urban legend that they are made of “mystery meat!” But even if they are made of odd cuts, I don’t think that is what would make conventional hot dogs unhealthy, let's find out more...

Can wild leeks help “ramp” up your health?

Did you know? The common cultivated variety of leek has a wild cousin called ramps! At Wolf Oak Farm we have wild ramps growing in a section on our Northern Hill that we call "Ramp Island." We harvest the wild ramps by hand, sparingly and sustainably by leaving the root system intact. This way the ramp patch can continue to grow and thrive year after year. And as with all food provided by nature, ramps are full of health benefits! Here are 5 health benefits of wild ramps: