About Us

A lot of people talk about how wonderful it would be to detach from the 9-5 daily grind and get back to nature. Well, we did it - just the four of us. Wife, Husband, and two young boys with not much experience, but a lot of heart, soul, and a yearning for a better life for our family. With a wish to provide the absolute best we can for our kids, and propelled by the lack of love and light in a typical grocery store shelf, we embarked on a mission to provide the absolute best protein we can, not only for ourselves but for those with a similar vision. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed raising them. From our family farm to your family table.



What is a farm?

By definition, a Farm is "an area of land and its buildings used for growing crops and rearing animals, typically under the control of one owner or manager."

We think the keywords here are 'one-owner'! We are not a large corporation, trying to please shareholders with maximized profits without care for the animals' wellbeing or the effects that toxic inputs have on humans. We all have to carry our own bucket – but together, we can share the load. We help provide you and your family with the best quality products. The way nature intended.

A note about "Organic"

We have found multiple loopholes in the requirements for becoming a certified "Organic" farm that does not address basic animal welfare issues and needs. While we may end up becoming certified Organic and/or other certifications, we are more interested in providing 'Better than Organic' products by giving our animals open, breezy pasture, fresh food, clean water, and no chemicals whatsoever. Seems like a no-brainer!


Wolf Oak Pastures is a 218-acre working farm located in north-central Pennsylvania. We purchased this land in December 2009 with a hope and a dream. The property is a picture-perfect valley that sits between two high ridge tops offering stunning views for miles.

Farm Stand

We manage small herds. This is part of our intensive and rotational grazing operations and requires much more labor and land per animal. Our pastures are broken up in to over 40 small paddocks as part of our rotational plan.  The number of small paddocks used is based on the number of days we want to rest each pasture after grazing and allow for rapid regrowth of grasses by utilizing the 3:1 ratio of consumed forage.  Moving animals daily allows us to build a more holistic relationship with everyone on the property and is best for the pasture and even the planet!

We do not feed any grain whatsoever to any of our cattle or lambs. We do, however, use organic, non-GMO chicken feed for our birds, both meat and egg layers, starting from the second day of life. We do not use any vaccines or antibiotics with any of our animals. 

Due to this, many of our products sell out quickly, so we have introduced our new ‘buy-in advance’ program which allows friends to deposit up-and-coming availability. Our available by dates are estimates – we are with these animals every day and make regular updates, but we don’t fight it or rush - nature will always win.