Our Farm Stand Products


Our cattle herd consists of two of the most successful breeds for high-quality beef production.

Our main breed is the Aberdeen Angus, sometimes just called Angus, which is a Scottish breed native to counties Aberdeenshire and Angus in the northeastern part of Scotland. The Aberdeen Angus are solid black or red, sometimes with white udder and naturally have no horns. Our cattle have come directly from a closed herd since 1959, which most closely resembles the Angus cattle originally imported from England/Scotland that have great maternal instincts for calving and are able to generate marbling from pasture forage. This is very important to us, as we strive to raise 100% pasture-raised cattle without any other feed inputs, except minerals.

Our second breed is the Highland, which is also a Scottish breed from the ‘mainland’ and has notable longhorns and a long shaggy coat that can range in colors but mainlands are typically red, ginger, blonde, etc. with a slightly smaller frame also bred for their gentle nature, maternal calving abilities, cold weather tolerance and their fantastic high-quality meat which is very tender.


Our sheep herd is a unique cross of Katahdin and Texel sheep. Both Katadhin and Texel sheep are excellent grazers. Katahdin sheep were bred out of Maine (Mt. Katahdin) from St. Croix and Suffolk sheep for their meat-type conformation along with their hair coat and fertility/flocking instincts. Texel's are originally from the Netherlands and offers a larger frame with outstanding high-quality meat and leanness. This cross offers us the holy grail of lamb!


These pigs are currently coming from our Yorkshire x Landrace cross white pigs. American Yorkshire pigs are a version of the English Yorkshire breed and are probably the most affluent breed in North America, noted for their high lean meat and low backfat proportions. The American Landrace of Danish origins is a larger pig with a great finish in the ham and loin.

Stay tuned as we are working on adding new heritage breeds coming to the farm soon that will blow your Berkshire Mangalitsa loving socks off!


These delectable birds are Non-GMO Freedom Rangers…and are the best foragers we have ever seen. These calm, well-natured birds (broilers) are raised solely for high-quality meat production. Outside all day allowed to free-range, peck, find bugs, scratch, and dust bath wherever they see fit, and provide a tender, flavorful meat with high Omega-3 fat and less saturated fats as their fast-growing Cornish Cross friends!


Here is where we like to have fun on the farm outside of raising our livestock. Different seasons bring different seasonal opportunities. Check back often for updates on inventory and new offerings!


Everyone loves wearing our curated collection of designed t-shirts and other wearables. Join the party!