Mixed Grill Bundle

Mixed Grill Bundle

(avg 17 lb)

Get grilling with our mixed grill bundle box!

Move out of the same old hamburger and hot dog rut.

Mix up your grilling with grass-fed steaks, kebabs, lamb and more!

There is something for everyone in this box.

This bundle includes:

(2) Minute Steak

(2) Beef Patties - qty 4 each

(2) Packs Hot Dogs

(1) Pack Fresh Kielbasa Sausage

(4) NY Strip Steak

(2) Flat Iron Steak

(1) Pack Beef Kebabs

(1) Pack Fresh Andouille Sausage

(1) Cube Steak

(1) Pack Lamb Stew

(1) Lamb Denver Ribs

(1) Lamb Rib Chop

(1) Lamb Shoulder Chop

*All weights are approximate. Cuts vary based on the size of the animal.