Lamb - Rack of Rib

Lamb - Rack of Rib

These make a tasty and unique appetizer or small meal!

Lamb ribs are often an over looked cut of meat, but they absolutely shouldn't be!

Lamb ribs are flavorful, affordable, easy to cook, and fun to eat.

They are a great finger food to share with friends as an appetizer, and offer a unique taste different from the more popular beef and pork ribs.

How to cook:

Try covering them in your favorite dry rub and cooking on the grill or in the oven.

Alternatively your could cover them in herbs like rosemary, thyme, and mint with a squeeze of lemon and sprinkle of salt and pepper, can't go wrong there!

*Our lamb is frozen when fresh and packed in a vacuum sealed package.

Our lamb comes from our 100% grass-fed and finished sheep herd!

All of our lambs are born and raised right here on our family farm.

They enjoy every day grazing and foraging out on acres of regeneratively farmed, bio-diverse pastures.

Our sheep herd is a unique cross of Katahdin and Texel sheep and makes for the holy grail of lamb.