Lamb - Kidney 2 pack

Lamb - Kidney 2 pack

Eat nose-to-tail with these nutritious pastured lamb kidneys!

Did you know that kidneys contain an incredible amount of lean protein and b-vitamins?

They are also a good source of other nutrients that help support the health a function of all the organs in our bodies.

Lamb kidneys also contain essential fatty acids, and they are a low calorie high nutrient food!

How to cook:

The most important step in cooking up kidney is proper preparation.

As an organ meat, kidneys are large, and tough, and require a long cooking time. They also must be cleaned before cooking. 

Traditionally prepared in a stew, start by removing as much of the fat and sinews as possible. Cut each one in half, and cook 2-3 minutes in simmering water. This soaking part is important to remove any urea smell and taste the kidney may have. Drain the water and rest the kidneys for up to an hour before continuing to cook in a recipe of your choice.

Get creative in the kitchen and cook up a tasty nutritious dish with lamb kidney from 100% grass-fed lamb!

*Our lamb is frozen when fresh and packed in a vacuum sealed package.

Our lamb comes from our 100% grass-fed and finished sheep herd!

All of our lambs are born and raised right here on our family farm.

They enjoy every day grazing and foraging out on acres of regeneratively farmed, bio-diverse pastures.

Our sheep herd is a unique cross of Katahdin and Texel sheep and makes for the holy grail of lamb.