Chicken - Wings (Soy Free)

Chicken - Wings (Soy Free)

Why does everyone love chicken wings? Because they are fun!

Whether you are serving them up to guests or having them all to yourself, chicken wings are always a treat.

Plus, with endless varieties of sauces to smother them and dips to dunk them in these wings are never boring.

When it comes to chicken wings always be sure to order more than you need because they fly off the plate fast!

How to cook:

Rinse off the wings under cold water, pat dry with a towel, and deep fry or bake them for perfectly crunchy wings.

Of course don't forget to cover them in your favorite sauce, enjoy!

*Our chicken is frozen when fresh and packed in a vacuum sealed package.

Our chicken comes from our flock of free range, pasture raised hens!

The hen's here at Wolf Oak Farm are the best foragers we have ever seen, and spend their whole day foraging for wild edibles and bugs.

All that foraging and exercise on our beautiful regeneratively farmed pastures makes for quality chicken meat that flavorful, high in healthy omega-3's, and has less saturated fat than other conventionally raised birds.