Chicken - Whole Small (2-3lb) (Soy Free)

Chicken - Whole Small (2-3lb) (Soy Free)

A whole chicken is the meal that keeps on giving!

With this whole bird you get all your favorite parts, the white meat from the breast, the dark meat form the legs and thighs, and the crispy crunchy wings.

Enjoy this chicken the first night fresh out of the oven, then use the left overs for a number of delicious recipes!

Leftover chicken meat can be used for lunchtime sandwiches, added to soups and pasta dishes, and tossed into salads.

Don't toss out the remaining carcass and bones!

This is a power house of nutrients that can be used to make beautiful home made bone broth.

How to cook:

Simply slather the skin with butter or your preferred cooking fat. Then season with salt, pepper, and your favorite herbs and spices, and cook in the oven until done.

Tip: Try adding some smoked paprika to your spice blend, It will add a subtle smokiness and give a beautiful golden red color to the skin...yum!

*Our chicken is frozen when fresh and packed in a vacuum sealed package.

Our chicken comes from our flock of free range, pasture raised hens!

The hen's here at Wolf Oak Farm are the best foragers we have ever seen, and spend their whole day foraging for wild edibles and bugs.

All that foraging and exercise on our beautiful regeneratively farmed pastures makes for quality chicken meat that flavorful, high in healthy omega-3's, and has less saturated fat than other conventionally raised birds.