Want to eat nose-to-tail? Well, tongue is the place to start!

If you are interested eating nose-to-tail tongue is always a great first step.

That is because tongue is actually a muscle just like many other more common cuts of pork.

It's flavor and texture are more familiar for those who have not had organ meat before.

While tongue isn't technically an organ, it is often grouped into this category of cuts. Beef tongue is most definitely worth adding into your diet because it is packed with nutrients and unique flavor.

Beef tongue is high in protein and rich in essential B vitamins, zinc, iron, selenium, and more!

How to Cook:

A little preparation may be required when cooking tongue. You just need to be sure to cut off any grizzle and cartilage that maybe at the base of the tongue.

You may also want o cut a 1 inch deep slice through he center of the tongue to "butterfly" it and allow for more even cooking.

After that you can cook it pretty much like any other lean cut of meat.

Try coating it in cooking fat and your favorite herbs and spices. Then bake, cool and slice as homemade deli meat to add to your sandwiches, yum!

*Our beef is frozen when fresh and packed in a vacuum sealed package.

Our beef comes from our 100% grass-fed and finished cows!

The cows here at Wolf Oak farm spend their time out on our pastures grazing on diverse grasses and clover.

We also over-seed additional types of forbs, legumes and shrubs for a well balanced salad bar for our livestock.

All that grass-fed goodness absolutely shines through in the quality, taste, and nutrition of our pasture raised beef.