Beef - NY Strip Steak 1lb

Beef - NY Strip Steak 1lb

This steak has robust, bold, and beefy flavors.

And that is what makes the New York Strip Steak a very popular cut!

The New York strip is cut from the beef short loin subprimal, which is part of the loin primal. The loin primal is the source of many premier steak cuts, such as filet mignon, t-bone, porterhouse, and of course the NY Strip Steak.

This steak is not the most tender steak, but it is by no means tough. One of the reason many people love NY strip steak is for its texture and chew.

The rich marbling in this cut makes for an absolutely delectable eating experience you are sure to enjoy.

How To Cook:

This is the ultimate grilling steak!

Season simply with salt and pepper, then cook on a searing hot grill...just a few minutes on each side until cooked to medium/medium rare, and enjoy!

*Our beef is frozen when fresh and packed in a vacuum sealed package.

Our beef comes from our 100% grass-fed and finished cows!

The cows here at Wolf Oak farm spend their time out on our pastures grazing on diverse grasses and clover.

We also over-seed additional types of forbs, legumes and shrubs for a well balanced salad bar for our livestock.

All that grass-fed goodness absolutely shines through in the quality, taste, and nutrition of our pasture raised beef.