Other - Wolf Oak Tote

Other - Wolf Oak Tote

Support your local farm and help the environment with this reusable tote!

It makes great gift on its own, or stuffed with delicious Wolf Oak Farm fresh foods.

Our tote is made from sturdy 100% cotton canvas.

Great for packing anything you need on the go, and folds small to keep with you when you need it.

If it gets dirty no problem, simply toss in the wash with your regular laundry and it will come out good as new!

Ditch the plastic bags, and go for reusable earth friendly canvas!

Did you know?

The majority of plastic bags are not bio-degradable.

They do not break down into the soil or landfills.

Instead, they release toxins into the environment over time.

Even worse plastic bags are very dangerous to wildlife.

Animals become entangled in the plastic and can suffocate or become fatally trapped.

Simultaneously, these bags are making their way to our oceans, again causing the

same harm they cause on land, to marine life...all for the sake of human convenience of a single use plastic bag.

Let's stop single use plastic and switch to reusable canvas totes!

It's one simple switch we all can dots make a big difference.